Lphia's research themes are mainly oriented towards light-matter interaction, ranging from the physics of doped glasses to index meteorology, via molecular physics and the nonlinear dynamics of optical systems.

Lphia's research activities cover a wide spectrum from fundamental physics to some applied fields. Our teams have distinct but coherent research themes around the central theme of optics and light-matter interaction, with aspects ranging from spectroscopy and molecular physics to photonics and nonlinear processes. The Lphia has, in each of its different teams, a scientific culture made of strong competences, some of them unique in their research fields. The different teams of the laboratory have each found original positions in the thematic field in which they are specialized.

Some fields of application of specific themes have greatly evolved and developed over the years. In particular, the recent recruitment of Charles Ciret on a McF position to reinforce the activities on index metrology and on solitons, has also allowed us to diversify our activities towards nonlinear optics in nanometric guides.

In spite of the size of our teams, the laboratory presents a good diversity of its research topics while keeping a thematic unity around optics and light matter interaction.


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