The LphiA Laboratory

The LphiA, Laboratoire de Photonique d'Angers, is an integrated unit of research, expertise and training (UPRES EA 4464) resulting from the restructuring of the former POMA laboratory. On January 1, 2010, seventeen members of POMA, in agreement with the governing bodies of the University of Angers, created the LphiA. Following the expertise conducted by the AERES, the laboratory obtained the label "Équipe d'Accueil" (EA) 4464, located in the University of Angers. The LphiA is under the supervision of the University of Angers.

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The LphiA develops research on fiber lasers, solitons, nonlinear optical measurements, doped glasses, supercooled media and thin films for photovoltaic applications. Some of our experiments are very fundamental, and others are applied. The scientific themes of the laboratory extend to the interfaces with chemistry, biology and nanotechnology. The research in the laboratory is structured in two axes and is supported by the SFR matrix. Enjoy your visit!